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Installing or Upgrading Mozilla 1.73

Oct. 2004

We are encouraging the use of Mozilla's browser for generalized web searching and reference work, especially for looking up music lyrics. But there are sites for which we strongly recommend continuing to use Internet Explorer.

Use Internet Explorer for

Use Mozilla for everything else.

Installing or Upgrading Mozilla

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the link for the latest version of Mozilla (currently 1.73)

  3. Select the version for "Windows, English"

  4. When the File Download box comes up, click on Save

  5. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the folder C:\drivers and save the file there

  6. If the Save As dialog remains open after the file finishes downloading, click on Open.
    Otherwise, navigate to the C:\drivers folder and double click on the Mozilla installer file.

  7. When the first Mozilla installer screen comes up, click on Next.

  8. Accept the license agreement

  9. Change the type of install from "Complete" to "Browser only" and click on Next

  10. If you are upgrading Mozilla, and have a previous installation, you'll get this dialog. Click on Continue

  11. Click on Next. I do not recommend the "Use Quick Launch" option

  12. Click on Install and wait a bit

  13. Mozilla should now open, to a page on the Mozilla site. If you were upgrading, your old home page should still be available if you click on Home.

  14. To change the Mozilla Home page, first go to the page you want to use as a new home page. Then click on Edit, Preferences. Highlight Navigator, and click on Use Current Page.

  15. There are more detailed things we will be doing to staff PCs to set up bookmarks, home pages and links (personal favorites) on new staff and reference desk machines. Feel free to ask Tech Support about these steps if you want to change how your current staff machine is set up.

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    Last modified Oct. 13, 2004