Marin County Free Library — Technical Services

IST Password Policies — as of June 1, 2004

MCFL employees have two different passwords provided by County IST.

  1. The VPN password, used only for logging into the VPN.
  2. The Outlook password (also called the "admin domain" password by IST, used for logging into either desktop Outlook or Outlook Web Access.
The IST help desk can change or unlock Outlook accounts and passwords, but only Sandra Stephens can change the VPN passwords. (She can also change Outlook passwords.)

Here are the password policies that IST's server group is beginning to implement:
Password Length 7 characters or more
Password Age 180 Days
Password Rentention 12 Generations
Password Policy Begins 25 pct. of accounts per week, starting June 1
To change Outlook passwords Help Desk: 499-6315 or
Sandra 507-2742
To change VPN passwords Sandra 507-2742

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Last modified July 7, 2004
Created July 7, 2004 dtm