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Epson TMU-200 B Receipt Printers and Windows 2000

  • To change the messages on the top or bottom of receipts, go to messages.html.

  • For obsolete Win9x/NT4 instructions, go to oldsetup.html.

Under Windows 2000, the Epson Receipt Printer is called a "Generic Text-Only" printer. The commands that make the auto-cut feature work are no longer in ETerm32, but are associated with the Generic Text-Only printer in Windows.

To set up your Epson Recipt Printer:

  1. Set up a printer using the "Add Printer" icon in the Printers folder

  2. Choose "Local" printer, attached to LPT-1 (unless you're trying to use a networked Epson)

  3. Choose "Generic" in the left window, and "Text-Only" in the right window

  4. Don't make the Generic Text-Only printer your default printer, or documents and web pages will be printed out on it

  5. When the printer is added, right-click on the Generic Text-Only printer in the printers folder, and select "Properties"

  6. Left-click on the "Printing Preferences" button, and then on the "Paper/Quality" tab. Set the "Paper Source" to "Cut Sheet" and click on "Apply"

  7. Close that dialog box, and return to the "Properties" page. Click on the "Advanced" tab, and click on the button that says "Print Processor." In the window on the right, select "Text" and click on "OK"

  8. Now click on the tab called "Printer Commands." This is where the header, footer and auto-cut instructions will go.

  9. In the "Begin Print Job" box, put the header that you want on your receipts.
    • For a space between words, use: <20> (That's two-zero)
    • For a line break, use: <0A> (That's zero-A)

    So a sample header would be:

  10. In the box that says "End Print Job" you must put the auto-cut instructions. This is more code, and looks like:

  11. We've stopped putting in footers on most receipts, to save paper. If you do want a footer, put that text before the code for the auto-cut function, in that "End Print Job" box

  12. If you're using ETerm32, don't use any code in the File — Page Setup — Options — Initialize and Finalize boxes. This method replaces that.

  13. This setup also prepares your receipt printer to work under Millenium Circulation. Your Mill Circ login will have to be configured to use text-only printing, however.

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