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Change the Home Page in Public Web Browser

To change the Home Page in PWB:

  • Log into the "exec" account. (On a webpac, do this by htting ctrl-alt-shift-insert all at once, then type "logoff" in the box that comes up. Keep holding the shift key down, and you'll get a logon prompt.)

  • On the exec desktop, double click on "Unlock C Drive" and then click on "OK."

  • Using the "My Computer" or "Shortcut to C" icons, open the folder c:\program files\publicbrowser\

  • Open the file named PWB.ini

  • Find the line that starts with "HomePage="

  • Put the URL of the site you want after that, without the "http://" characters

  • Example for how to change webpacs to MARINet for their home page: or

  • To change back to the catalog/database/reserve a computer page:
    HomePage =
    For Corte Madera =
    For Civic Center =
    For Calif. Room =
    Without PC Res =

  • Save PWB.ini

  • Lock C Drive

  • Log out of exec and let the PC log back into the public account automatically

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Created Aug. 15, 2005 dtm