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Installing and Updating Trend OfficeScan Anti-virus Software

Updated Dec. 9, 2004, created Mar. 21, 2001

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To Update Trend OfficeScan on your PC

You can determine the pattern version of your Trend installation by hovering the mouse pointer over the Trend icon. In the example below, the pattern number is No. 285, or 2.285.00.

With the newer Trend installations, when you right click on the Trend icon, you will have an option to "Update Now!" This option will actually work quite often, and you should feel free to update the Trend pattern on your PC anytime you like.

Update Trend | Install Trend | The Trend Console  

To Install Trend OfficeScan on your PC

  1. If you have an obsolete or non-updating version of Trend, remove it first. This is especially true if your Trend version shows a pattern number of 220 (2.220) or older, especially if it's back in the original 900 numbers, like 955 or 980.
  2. To uninstall Trend, click on Start Menu, Programs, Trend Micro OfficeScan Client, Uninstall OfficeScan Client). Restart your computer after this. If you need a password to uninstall, the password is "Trend."

  3. Open Internet Explorer. Do not use Mozilla for this install, it actually requires IE and the Active X capabilities to install software.

  4. Go to the Trend Server's web page, at This is a secure (https) server, and it can only be reached from library networks.

  5. You'll first be prompted about the security certificate. Click on "Yes "to proceed.

  6. If Trend has never been on your machine before, the main Trend web page that comes up will cause another prompt, asking if you want to trust software from Trend Micro. You'll have to answer yes in order to continue the installation. This is a shortcut to put on your list of Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer, so that it may install software.

  7. Click on the words "Click Here." They're blue, they're a link.

  8. Then click on the button labeled "Install Now."

  9. Five to ten minutes later you should be up to date with Trend. If you have any problems, contact Tech Support at 506-3157 x19. All of our Windows 2000 and XP machines must have Trend Officescan running on them anytime they are turned on. If you have no Trend icon, or can't get Trend to install or run, call it in as a repair.

Update Trend | Install Trend | The Trend Console  

Information from the Trend OfficeScan Console

I'll log into the console and demonstrate some of the information that's available about Trend installations throughout the system, and on some of the viruses that are being cleaned or quarrantined.

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