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Setting up a "Trusted Site" in Internet Explorer

Jan. 2005

On a Windows XP computer that has or has been upgraded to Service Pack 2, the security settings in Internet Explorer are set at a much higher level than was previously the case. As a result, some of the sites that we use every day may not work correctly under XP-SP2, until Internet Explorer is told to "trust" these sites.

Sites which may exhibit this kind of problem include:

So, to add a site to the Trusted list:
  1. Open Internet Explorer

  2. Open "Tools," "Internet Options," and click on the "Security" tab

  3. Click on the green "Trusted Sites" icon

  4. Click on the button labeled "Sites"

  5. Uncheck the box about "Require server verification (https:)..." as some sites won't be https:

  6. Put the site you want to trust into the "Add this site..." box, and click on the Add button.

  7. Click on "OK" and then on "OK" once more to close all of the dialog boxes.

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