Marin County Free Library — Technical Services

  Marin County Technology Users Group
   Sept. 12, 2002, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Novato Library Meeting Room

  1. Updates
    A. TSA I interviews this month
    B. Group 3 PCs ordered, Group 2 about to be installed
       Check the FY 02/03 list if curious
  2. Topics
    A. Changing the messages on printer receipts

    B. Updates to ETerm32 configuration instructions

    C. Using "Restore E-Term32 Settings" shortcut

    D. The new 2002/03 staff PCs (demo)
    • Pentium 4 1.7 to 1.9 ghz, 512 MB of RAM
    • Windows 2000 Service Pack (SP) 3
    • Extensive use of Autologon
    • Office 2000 SR-1, IE 6.0, Shockwave, Flash
    • Netscape 4.79 where needed (mail)
    • Mill Circ, ETerm32
    • CDRW, DVD
    • No Real Audio or Quicktime, unless requested

    E. New databases, to be accessed from the WebPACs?

    1. Text-only page is
    2. Printable version from website is at
    3. Either URL could be appended to a shortcut to Public Browser on the WebPAC desktop
    4. The WebPAC's No Access list has to be modified, to permit access to (see MARINet catalog's Member Libraries page)
    5. The "NoAccess.txt" would have to permit, but deny This will work, unless MARINet updates the Member Libraries page someday.
  3. Training and informational issues raised:

    Tech Support Info Home
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