Marin County Free Library — Technical Services

  Marin County Technology Users Group
   Sept. 8, 2005, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Novato Library Meeting Room

1. Updates
  1. FY 05-06 Progress (new PCs, flatscreens, etc.)
  2. New laptops (demo of Dell 700M)
  3. LAN Party Aug. 26 at NOV Photo 1, Photo2
  4. Testing 1st wireless router for WM
  5. TSA 1 hiring interview Nov. 2
  6. Disposal run Aug: 50 monitors and some printers
  7. Reminder: PMM and AdsGone (white-list
  8. Me on vacation to Vancouver next week, until 9/20 Tuesday
  9. Office XP Disks for The Keepers of The Disks
  10. Future test: auto-shutdown of public PCs, server-based
2. Topics
  1. Worms of August 2005
    1. Fully patched systems can be infected
      (see TechWorld article)
    2. Not productive to blame Microsoft
    3. Hackers in Turkey, Morocco go to prison
    4. We need to get a system for regular updates going

  2. MARINet server problems
    1. MillCirc Offline use mandatory
    2. MC Offline will be upgraded to new version soon

  3. Screen Resolution and staff PCs
    1. For web and MillCirc, recommending 1024x768
    2. For 15 in. flatscreens, may be problematic
    3. Know how to change screen resolution

  4. Review: Role of MCTUG and its members

  5. Tech Support and MCTUG docs
    1. all now on
    2. This is an internal website!
3. Training and informational issues raised:

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