Marin County Free Library — Technical Services

  Marin County Technology Users Group  
   Dec. 13, 2007, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

South Novato Library

  1. Updates
    1. Group 3 PCs just now going out (monitors too!), these are 2.33 GHz Core Duo

    2. A whole lotta laptops (Lenovo

    3. Planning for FY 07-08 (see over)
    4. Windows Media Player added to Library Online (CCE, PRE, CMA)
    5. Reminder: Wireless and e-mail (SMTP) per MCFL Wireless Policy
    6. Network Update, new numbers, and brief mention of IP Plans
    7. Millenium Graphical Self Check at PRE in service
    8. Other self checks (CCE, FAI, MCI) coming soon (external IPs for 3M)
    9. 2008 MCTUG Schedule ready
    10. Future of MCTUG: On the Air? (V-TUG?)

  2. Topics

    1. Beginning of the End: New PCs have no Floppies
      • For staff PCs, we don't need no floppies
      • Public PCs: we will distribute External Floppy Drives
      • Affected Groups 2008: STB, SNO, 2009: NOV, PRE, FAI
    2. New Staff Build on Type 19 PCs
      • AdsGone is Gone (or is it?)
      • More multimedia applications (like Public PCs), incl. RealPlayer
      • No PS/2 Ports (USB Mice, Keyboards and Scanners in the future)
    3. Moving PCs in Emergencies
      • Circ Desks and Ref Desks
      • When, Why. Where?
      • How. (demo)
      • What won't work: printers, lookout for USB vs. PS/2 issues

    4. Training and informational issues raised:

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