Marin County Free Library — Technical Services

  Marin County Technology Users Group  
   Sept. 11, 2008, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

South Novato Library

  1. Updates
    1. LAN Party Report
      • 8 events, 144 youths
      • 2 more (NOV, SNO) for Teen Read Week
      • Testing new driving game: GTR
    2. ADA stations still being installed (MCI, FAI, NOV), new
    3. PCs and Printers Report: Group 2 PCs on order
    4. New Printer tips:
      1. Demo of new color printer (CP3505n)
      2. How to check printer's website (use the IP address)
      3. Small LJ P2015n does duplex (demo)
    5. 3M Self Check receipt printing to e-mail project
    6. WebPACs and volume control hacking (we will lock you)
    7. Reminder: Don't send problem reports to "teclib" but to "teclibsupport"
    8. Reminder: Technology Support Areas (Who to call for what), My Marin, MCFL Staff Page, Alpha P&P Listing, Technology Support Areas.
    9. Remote Desktop Connection: using your back room computer from circ or ref desks?
    10. Eco-button and power savings
    11. Weird thing: file paths (folder names and document names) can't exceed 255 characters or files are lost, can't copy

  2. Topics

    1. Updates that are Pending
      • Library Online Upgrade (plus new PR Servers) Sept. 22?
      • Millennium 1.6.02
      • Windows XP SP3
      • VLC Media Player (for DVD and .avi files) DEMO
      • Adobe 9.0 ( folder issue, add/remove programs for
      • Firefox 3.0 being pushed out (OK to install)
      • Java (go to and Flash (

    2. Office 2007 Rollout news: speeding up
      1. Office 2007 Cheatsheet
      2. Talking points on the 2007 rollout
      3. Excel Extractor Tool problem fixed (new xls, check with Libby)
      4. Old docs vs new docx's

    3. Suprlus, E-waste and Recycling update
      • PCs, LID and CID assets, useful stuff goes to County Surplus through Ruben (Shipping and Receiving)
      • Small stuff (mice, keyboards, telephones, answering machines, circuit boards) to Tech Support for e-waste disposal
      • Metal and plastic (no circuit boards) straight to recycling

    4. Training and informational issues raised:

      Tech Support Info Home
      Created Sept. 9, 2008 dtm