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Reporting Problems to Tech Support

March, 2005

When You Call Tech Support

Most of these guidelines are fairly obvious, and not every bit of information needs to be in every call made to Tech Support. But in general, when you are reporting a problem to Technology Support Staff, whether by e-mail or voice message, please consider the following to provide some context to the issue you're reporting.

  1. Who are you? If you're calling or leaving a voice mail message, please identify yourself.

  2. What Library are you calling to report a problem at? Some subs and WM staff work at multiple locations, so we don't always know for sure which location is being discussed.

  3. What specific piece of equipment is the problem occurring with? If it's a computer, is there a name on the label on the tower? If it's a printer, what model is it, and where is it located? ("Our printer" doesn't tell us anything, while "our Okidata at the Circ Desk" or "the black and white laserjet for public printing" tells us exactly what we need to know.)

  4. When was the problem first noticed, whether by you or by anyone else. ("First thing this morning," or "around 2:30 yesterday afternoon?")

  5. Did anything change right before the problem cropped up? This includes Tech Support doing any work at your site, having custodians clean around equipment, or maybe other strange problems that might be related. Has there been a power outage overnight, or water leaking down the wall?

  6. Be as specific about the problem as you possibly can. For example, we frequently get the complaint that "My computer is dead!" This could mean:
       --My computer will not power up at all when I press the button
       --It powers up, but Windows won't start, or seems to freeze
       --The computer starts up but won't let me log on
       --My monitor is dead, though the PC seems like it's running
       --My monitor is turned off or unplugged and I can't turn it on
       --My computer won't connect to MARINet
       --My computer won't connect to the Internet or to e-mail
       --E-term32 (MARINet) closed on me
       --My computer won't do something that I want or expect it to do
       --The power is out in my Library but I haven't noticed that yet, but my computer isn't working

  7. How urgent is the problem being reported? Some problems have an obvious urgency (our network is down and we're open), but many problems can wait an hour, a day or a week. If you have an obvious deadline by which it would be good to fix a minor problem, let us know. If you have a non-urgent problem but are reluctanct to report it, go ahead and send it to us, but just let us know that it's not urgent.

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Last modified Mar. 8, 2005